Whale Watching In Mirissa

Mirissa is a famous Whale watching destination as it’s considered one of the best places to get up close and personal with majestic Blue Whales.

Aside from Blue Whales that migrate in the Indian ocean, you’ll have a great chance of seeing Humpback Whales, Sperm Whales, Dolphins and Turtles in their natural habitat.

Early mornings during the peak season grants the highest chance for sightings, as the sea is calm in the morning and slowly becomes rougher in the afternoon. For that reason, whale watching tours start just after sunrise (between 06.00 and 07.00).

The whale watching season in Sri Lanka runs from November till April, with March and April as its peak to encounter blue Whales.

Snorkeling with Sea Turtles at Mirissa

Take a break from your exploration around Sri Lanka and enjoy its beautiful waters when you join this snorkeling activity at Mirissa! Take delight in Sri Lanka’s south coast and swim and snorkel to your heart’s content at the beach town of Mirissa where you’ll get a chance to see green turtles in the wild! Bring your own action camera and take as many photos as you want as you swim alongside adorable turtles! No need to worry about bringing your own gear as well, as the operator will be there to assist you in all the items that you need. Just bring an excited heart and savor this unique experience in Mirissa!

Snorkeling with Whales

Mirissa Whale Snorkeling and Watching Tours  and its staff are passionate about scuba-diving and preserving the abundant resources that make diving here in Mirissa unique.

Your first glimpse may have been the ‘tail-end’ of a breach, but now as you look at this amazing creature, the largest animal ever known to have existed on earth, in the eye, you couldn’t be closer. Swimming alongside these gigantic, yet elusive mammals is a real once in a lifetime experience that few get to ever experience and you are right there.


When it comes to iconic things to see and do in Sri Lanka, it will be the Coconut Tree Hill in Mirissa that appears on your radar, and that’s for a good reason.

Coconut Tree Hill is a charming cliff that is characterized by a sea of swaying palms, jutting out of the elegant tangerine-coloured soil.

To reach the foot of the picturesque hill, take a serene 15-minute walk along Mirissa beach before ascending to the amazing viewpoint at the top.

As it’s perched at the very end of Mirissa beach, the views over the shimmering Indian Ocean and Mirissa’s stretched shoreline are simply breathtaking.

To experience the iconic hill in its full potential, Its highly recommended visiting first thing in the morning or during a glorious sunset.

Chill At Secret Beach

Secret Beach is a small secluded beach where jungle and sea blend together in a paradisiac manner, only just around the corner of Mirissa’s lively main beach.

After a local had praised it as one of the best things to do in Mirissa, I decided to go and see it with my own eyes.

What awaited was a picturesque golden sand beach with perfectly aligned palm trees and only a few people there to enjoy it, which slightly reminded me of Jungle beach in Unawatuna.

A welcome addition to the hidden beach is a small beach bar, which makes Secret beach the perfect place for an afternoon of sunbathing, swimming and eventually a sundowner.

While Secret Beach isn’t as secret as the name might suggest, it’s notably more peaceful than Mirissa beach, and therefore definitely worthy of your visit.

Surfing In Mirissa

Mirissa is easily one of the leading surf destinations on Sri Lanka’s spirited south coast, and therefore perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers.

With decent waves rolling in year-round, a handful of excellent surf spots, and plenty of surf schools to chose from, Mirissa sounded like the perfect place for me to learn to surf.

In southern Sri Lanka, the best time of the year to surf is between November and March when it’s drier and a little cooler. However, with temperatures still reaching between 86-104 Fahrenheit, the best time to surf is in the morning or evening.

Renowned for its beautiful crescent shape, Mirissa offers a sandy beach with both left and right-hander waves. Ideal for skilled beginners and intermediate surfers that want to catch a reef break, the waves can reach up to 6ft.

View From Parrot Rock

Set right on Mirissa beach, Parrot Rock is a small secluded rock island that provides the most dazzling views of Mirissa’s entire golden sanded shoreline.

The viewpoint at the summit is the quiet getaway you desired, and that is just 5-minutes away from Mirissa’s beloved main beach. Parrot Rock is the perfect place to sit and watch the world go by, especially during golden hour, when the sun gently drops below the horizon.

However, climbing to Parrot Rock’s viewpoint is quite an adventure at times.

To reach the foot of the island’s somewhat sketchy staircase, you’ll have to take a short walk through the water, which can be fairly rough and about knee-deep during high tide.

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